The papers presented at the workshop are available here : Open Proceedings

Slide Presentations

Speaker Title Presentation
Stefano DiCarlo Overview of Clereco Project Slides
Domenik Helms Overview of MoRv Project Slides
Subhasish Mitra The Resilience Wall: Cross-Layer Solutions Coming Soon
Yongsheng Sun Reliability Challenges for Large ASICs Not Available
Wu-Tung Cheng Reliability and Safety Challenges for Automotive Devices  Not Available
Rob Aitken Accuracy versus Breadth in Cross Layer Solutions Available Upon Request
Ben Kaczer Reliability and Variability in CMOS Devices Slides
Peter Rotter Aging Models for Analog Circuit Level Simulations Slides
Ulf Schlichtman Aging on RT-Level – Analysis and Monitoring Slides
Ronald Newhart Future Reliability Challenges Slides
Tiberiu Seceleanu Panel : Intermittent Permanent Aging Failures and their Impact Slides
Mauro Pipponzi Panel : ISO26262 Perspective Slides