Tools Demo

One session of the workshop will be dedicated to Tool Demos. The focus is on tools which provide features around:

• Early reliability modeling for complex silicon devices
• Advanced Modeling of degradation effects (HCI, xBTI, EM) and variability
• New EDA flows for analyzing the effects of variability and aging
• Assessment of semiconductor degradation and failure effects on embedded and safety critical systems
• Modeling of the effects of environment, mission profile and workload on reliability

Tool presenters will be given the opportunity to give a 1-2 minute short pitch for their tool at the podium. They will then be provided with a small table suitable for a laptop. The workshop participants will go around to see the tools in action and to discuss with the developers. This session is open for tools developed by universities or SMEs. Tool presenters will also be able to submit a two-page short paper which will be included with the workshop proceedings. All presenters must register for the workshop.